Due Toscani

Due Toscani – About Us

Hi, I’m Federico Scatizzi, I have been working in the textile and clothing sector for more than 30 years, and I made a recycled Cashmere yarn with low environmental impact, with which I produce knitwearand accessories in Cashmere.

Due Toscani and the Yarns

We have produced a Regenerated Cashmere yarn in collaboration with a Pratese spinning mill.

We have been retailing and wholesaling fine yarns in stock for many years.

A few months ago we decided to make a Cashmere yarn in collaboration with an old cashmere sweater recycling company and a spinning mill from Prato.

HIRCUS FILATI produces and sells Knitwear and Accessories made with our low environmental impact Cashmere yarns directly to individuals.


In collaboration with a Pratese spinning mill we produce a regenerated Cashmere yarn, with low environmental impact, of excellent quality, for knitting machine work and for hand knitting.

We use high quality materials, selected and recycled manually, deprived of any impurities to obtain a yarn of the highest quality.

The product obtained is of excellent quality and unique softness, and is very resistant to pilling.


With our cashmere yarns we produce cashmere knitwear and accessories (unisex scarves and caps) for sale to individuals and shops.

If you are a private individual, buy directly on this website, if you have a shop and are interested in contacting us.


Federico Scatizzi

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