Many people think cashmere is hard to wash, but that’s definitely not true. Cashmere contains in itself a percentage of humidity among the highest of all existing natural fibers. Cashmere likes water, it’s enough to have some precautions.

Our regenerated cashmere is very resistant to pilling. Being regenerated you will notice a loss of fiber, the excess shorter fibers, in the first two or three washes, but this is normal. Once the fiber has stabilized this will never happen again, and your sweater, if you follow our advice, will last you practically forever.

If you want your pullover to always remain soft and fluffy, follow these tips:

Soak it in warm water with a delicate detergent (use very little), adding a little white wine vinegar (not red, please) in case of streaks or bright colors.
Let it soak for a short time, at most ten, fifteen minutes.
Do not rub it and handle it gently.
Rinse it patiently several times and with lots of water, always lukewarm, until the water is perfectly clear.
Do not squeeze it but remove the water by pressing gently.
Wrap the pullover in a terry cloth or towel to remove excess water.
Spread it out on a horizontal plane taking care to avoid direct exposure to the sun. Do not hang it, otherwise you run the risk of the garment becoming deformed.
Let it dry at room temperature, never near a heat source.
Iron it with a strong jet of steam without pressing with the iron.

A little tip: wash your Cashmere pullover often, in this way the fibers will find new strength and your garment will always be like new.

In summer, when you don’t use it, vacuum-pack it to protect it and keep it in a place where the sun doesn’t shine. Or put it in a closet or dark place where there is some moisture.
Put a sheet of natural moth repellent, which you can buy in any supermarket, moths love cashmere, so be very careful.
And when you take it out in the spring, let it air out for at least a day before wearing it.

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