Regenerated Cashmere

Our cashmere is a yarn made in collaboration with a company from Prato which is our partner specialized in the recycling of old knitwear and cashmere fibers. It is a pure cashmere yarn with low environmental impact, made entirely with high quality regenerated cashmere. We only use leftovers and leftovers of spinning cashmere and old regenerated cashmere knits that would otherwise end up in a waste dump.

This offers many advantages, of which the three main ones are:

1. the quality is the same as that of the yarns made with cashmere staples so as to maintain the softness, softness and the best quality of the yarn itself and of the garments that are made.
2. the price of the yarn is significantly lowered while maintaining the best characteristics, reducing production costs and the use of raw materials
3. you avoid throwing unused fiber to the waste at the expense of environmental pollution. therefore it preserves the environment by reducing the amount of waste produced
4. supports local industry and encourages creativity and innovation
5. The materials have a longer service life

According to the environmental protection agency, about 12.4 million tons of textile products were regenerated in 2013.

I highly recommend you to watch this video on the history of regeneration in Prato, click here.

Watch the video below, you will see the selection and sorting of the recycled cashmere fiber.


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