Do you sell to private customers?

Anyone can buy on this website, even and especially private customers. We only sell our yarns online. We do not have a physical store to the public, we have a goods warehouse from which we ship orders placed on this website. You will receive the purchased goods directly to your home or to any address you provide us with.

If you have a shop or are a reseller, sign up as a company and enter the VAT number, the Fiscal Code and the SDI code. Click here and follow the instructions.

How to buy on our website

We have created a tutorial to show you how to browse and buy on our website. Watch it by clicking here. Watch it by clicking here.

How to log in and how to reset your password

In this video you will be able to see how to reset your account password and how to log in during the purchase, directly from the checkout page:

Can I pay by credit card?

I state that you can pay with all the cards of the Visa and Mastercard circuits, also prepaid.

To pay by credit card you have two ways:

1 – Choose “Credit Card” payment request, you will be redirected / to the Unicredit Bank website and follow all the steps by entering your Visa and MasterCard credit card details.

You must have the card’s security code, the temporary one that arrives via SMS is also fine. The one on the Visa card is called “Verification by Visa” the one on the MasterCard is simply called the “MasterCard security code”, which is entered when you are asked for it on the bank’s website, at the last step of the payment.

2 – You can pay through Paypal with your credit card even without having a Paypal account or being registered with Paypal. See below as a rate:

When you arrive on the Paypal page, instead of entering the access data, click directly on “Pay as unregistered user” (“Paga come utente non registrato” if page is in italian language):

Then enter your data and credit card details:

Can I get free shipping costs?

If you buy from EU Countries you can have free shipping on orders over 299,00 euro. Shipping is FREE only for EU Countries.

Have you a coupon code?

If you have a Coupon Code, you must insert it in the form in the shopping cart page and you must click on “Apply”. You can see it in the checkout page too. See picture below:

Can I change my email address?

You can change the email address you registered with on this website by logging into your account and going to the information, then remember to log in with the new email address.
You can also change the email address you used to subscribe to our newsletter or one of our courses or any other subscription, simply repeat the subscription with the new email address.
You have to change the email address on your account or re-subscribe to our newsletter, unfortunately for technical reasons and for privacy reasons we cannot do that for you.

Deliveriers of orders from the Couriers:

Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to organize online order deliveries, but it’s very simple. It’s easy to do:

When you have to place an order on our website, first of all make sure that the address and telephone number are complete and correct, make sure that the surname you use in the delivery address is also written on the doorbell, make sure you have entered the house number and better if you use a mobile number.

The courier will send you an email to notify you of the shipment, from which you can change the day of delivery, the address where to receive the package or you can agree to have the package left at a service point near your home and go and collect it when requested. more comfortable.

Courier drivers do not phone to warn you that they are on their way, this is at the discretion of the driver.

Don’t ask us when the courier will come, because we don’t know, we can’t know.



Can I request Delivery at predefined times?

No, but The courier will send you an email to notify you of the shipment, from which you can change the day of delivery, the address where to receive the package or you can agree to have the package left at a service point near your home and go and collect it when requested. more comfortable.


Can I get the tracking code for my package?

Der Tracking-Code wird für alle Sendungsarten am Tag des Versands per E-Mail gesendet

Can I send a product to a friend?

Yes, please see this video:

The photos are real?

The photographs taken for the products shown on our site were taken with light at 5500 ° k and balanced at 5500k in order to give an optimal photographic start at 100% on the colors of the same. It is advisable to trust the name of the color to avoid misunderstandings of color incompatibility in orders due to the various calibrations of your monitors.

How to clear your browser cache and why

Sometimes it may happen that some pages of the website do not open, it is advisable to empty the browser cache. Click here to watch this video (not mine) that explains how to clear your Chrome and Firefox cache.

Are you Company?

If you are company or shop you can buy at reserved prices.

You can download our catalog from our website dedicate to B2B by clicking here, so you can see our products and our condicions reserved to company.


On orders of 300€, only for eu countries



We guarantee all of our products. Check the measurements of the shirts carefully before buying. For any problem we can exchange the product or refund it upon return.



Click here to go to Customer Service, you will find the answer to all your questions

If you are a distributor or have a shop click here

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